Frequently Asked Questions

Can I sample your cakes?

Yes, with pleasure. I prefer to bake these samples fresh for prospective clients where ever possible, so a few days’ notice of which cake/s you would like to sample would be appreciated for me to have some fun in the kitchen!  These sample cakes will be plain with no frosting or icing added.  I always have a fruit cake on the go for sampling.  Please discuss when you contact Confetti Cakes.

Can you decorate a cake made by a member of the family?

Yes, but I reserve the right to refuse if I feel that the final look of your Confetti Cake will be compromised. It must be borne in mind, that due to the fact that I have not baked your celebration cake, I cannot guarantee your product from a Health and Safety aspect. Please feel free to discuss this with me.

Do you deliver cakes?

Yes with pleasure.  Please refer to Confetti Cakes Terms and Conditions in relation to this and please discuss your requirements.

Can I have fresh flowers on my cake?

Of course, but please be aware that some flowers and foliage are poisonous – ask your florist in relation to this.  Some flowers do not last well on a cake; tulips for example dehydrate and wilt very quickly, but fresh, hydrated roses work very well and should last for the wedding breakfast.  Please ask your florist to liaise with Confetti Cakes. I will not mix real flowers with those made from flower paste, as the paste will take on any moisture from the fresh flowers and be spoilt.

What flavours can I have?

You can have as many flavours as you like!  Please see my guide.  If you are having a tiered cake, choose a flavour per tier if that is what you wish.  Confetti Cakes only uses the finest ingredients to ensure that you and your guests have a truly magical cake flavour to eat, and everything is freshly baked for that real home comfort enjoyment!

Can you cater for allergies?

Most allergies can be catered for, but I do use nuts routinely in the kitchen, so those who are hypersensitive to nut type products, I suggest purchasing a cake from a dedicated cake producer who have dedicated equipment for baking such cakes.  Please discuss your requirements at your consultation.

How far in advance do I need to book?

Confetti Cakes works on a first come, first served basis, so booking as soon as you decide on your event date is crucial.  Weddings are now planned 12/18 months in advance, so this gives you plenty of time to secure your Couture Cake date! Please refer to Confetti Cakes Terms and Conditions for booking deposit and account information.

Wedding Favours:

Getting married or having an event, I can create and offer wedding favours, table chocolates or beautiful hand piped named lollipops. Take a look at some of our amazing chocolates that can be used in my collection of hand finished favour boxes. The boxes are priced at £2.75 for two chocolates and £3.25 for three chocolates.

I also offer a special edition collection of wedding chocolates with delicate lace patterns and an edible metallic finish (slight premium price).