How to Order

A minimum of 28 days is required for all sponge cakes, although some flexibility is available depending on my commitments to other clients; it is always worth asking!

If you require a wedding cake or a rich fruit cake for your celebration, please allow 2/3 months for the best possible flavour and moisture to mature – there is nothing worse than a dry, crumbly fruit cake – unless it is made to be so!

Orders are taken on a first come first served basis.  I am a lone business woman, therefore, my cliental list has to be limited to enable me to fully commit to a Confetti Cake.  I will require an initial, non-refundable deposit of £50 to secure your date.  Once the cake is due to be commissioned i.e. baked, I will require a balance that will total 50% of the total cost.  The balance is due 3 weeks prior to your event.  Please refer to Confetti Cakes Terms and Conditions.


Each Confetti Cake design will begin with a consultation with Margaret free of charge.  I can come to you or you to me.  If you come to my home office, I can offer a myriad of resource material plus an opportunity for you to sample some cake flavours that you may be interested in; these are baked fresh, so please just let me know which flavours you would be interested in sampling.

After the consultation, I will prepare a final outline sketch with highlighted design features, a costed proforma to include all raw ingredients, finishes, and an estimation of the amount of labour that will be charged.  Please note, if sugar paste flowers are required, these are very labour intensive so will be charged accordingly, but I can assure you, they will look absolutely spectacular!

Any alterations that are requested once the quote has been agreed must be made in writing and agreed by Margaret – this may alter the final cost of the cake and must be negotiated.


Confetti Cakes accepts bank drafts, please ask for details.  Cash never goes out of fashion!  Cheques are welcome, however, please note Confetti Cake’s Terms and Conditions in relation to cheques.

Collection and Delivery:

Please refer to Confetti Cake's Terms and Conditions.

Amendments and Cancelations:

Please refer to Confetti Cake's Terms and Conditions.

If you are considering a Confetti Cake, please contact me by one of the following ways:

M:  07552 740170


Send me a message using the contact at the top of the page